Structural and Civil Works

At HF Hand Constructors we provide a wide range of structural and civil works services according to your needs.

Check out our Gallery below to see some examples of the range of projects we have completed for Structural and Civil companies 

From Design & Construct to Working off Your Plans- We have you covered

HF Hand Constructors take pride in working with our Clients to achieve the best possible outcome in cost, time and efficiency management.  From top tier Management to our front line workers, we are an experienced and tight team that take great pride in our work.

Bridge Structures, Girders, Headstocks, Barriers, Safety Railings,
Balustrades & Pedestrian Bridges

Lift Shafts, Canopies & Walkways

Roads / Tunnel Atenuators & Exhaust Fans

Reservoir Roof Restorations

Atriums, Awnings & Link Bridges​

Industrial Buildings & Helipads

Speciality - Rigging Works & Outdoor Structures

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